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Comparison of plane sizes for North tower hit. Flight 11

FS2000 aircraft september 11

737 enhanced vs real 767 enhanced vs real

wtc september 11 FS2000 aircraft 9/11

Fake 767 enhanced
FS2000 Fake 767 enhanced

FS2000 767 737

FS2000 Boeing 9/11

other comparisons...

FS2000 9/11 Flight simulator 9/11 Flight sim 9/11

FS2000 sept 11

FS2000 twintowers 9/11 FS2000 wtc 9/11
This is what i did using quicktime (Brad)

Credit to Marcus for all above images, except the bottom right which is mine.

Other analysis....
Sorry i am puting up these without verifying the source of where they came, so take with a grain of salt.
Looks like good analysis though.

tower hole 9/11

twintower hole 9/11

you can check this against the FEMA report and see how it stands up !

The FEMA report shows little damage to the structures of the WTC's. This page shows the damage stated by the report side by side with photos of the real damage. Decide for yourself if it is accurate.
( does not support netscape )

The pic below has "Karl Moor" mentioned. credit for this pic is his.
I searched google and this is the only reference i could find for him...

Notice the area in the MIDDLE of the impact area, it seems to me, that there would be the most damage there, where the fuselage entered. There seems to be significant wall structure still standing in this area??

tower hole wtc 9/11


tower odd 9/11


odd wtc 9/11




911review TwinTowers

video stills of the plane hitting the tower

North Tower flight 11 closeups 911 video analysis 9/11
911 North tower WTC plane damage and wall comparisons

Flight 11 Unveiled - The X-11 Drone WTC 911
www.geocities.com/aa11analysis/ (new link)

strange and odd pictures from the wtc on 9/11
Original september 11th terror drill research Homepage

wtc 9/11 video + pictures full links site new homepage
x11 drone? wtc
World Trade Center Demolition."TRUSS THEORY"- 911review

World Trade Center Demolition."TRUSS THEORY"- 911review North tower first hit video frame closeups 911 911 Pentagon WTC photos video analysis and theories